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Altitude Camp

For the second time this year I am setting up camp in The Altitude House in the University of Limerick for a pre World Championship training camp. My previous experience of altitude training took place in the same venue in January after a 12-week strength phase so I am looking forward to seeing what improvements, if any, I will get after putting in a 3 month training camp in Portugal.image001

I quickly settle back into a routine involving early morning weigh in and pee hydration test followed by a 10min questionnaire. In the questionnaire on a scale of 1-10 I go through how I slept, hours sleep, mood, motivation, training stress for yesterday session, perceived recovery, etc. A couple of days in and I fly through the questionnaire, 3, 7, 5, 4, 3, 7, and so on. There are several reasons for this in-depth monitoring; the primary reason is to gauge how safe it is for me to increase my elevation every couple of days. If I get the green light then I slowly and safely go from 1900m initially, eventually settling at 2700m for the final two weeks of the four-week camp.

During this camp I will also do a couple of sessions on the turbo trainer at altitude with lactate testing and close monitoring from my coach, physiologist and Rachael the manager of The Altitude House and sports scientist. I also continue my strength and conditioning training and the scores I am hitting in the gym and on the bike are very encouraging, lifting more explosively than ever before and holding power that I have never held before.

All of this training is done in conjunction with a strict diet, I have cut nearly two kg during my time in the house in a healthy way as power and muscle mass has increased while body fat has decreased. I always try and get my sources of carbs, fat and proteins from natural foods but during a heavy training session I continue to use USN Cyto Power HP and natural energy bars. It is extremely important that I eat on the bike and keep glycogen stores high so I always err on the side of caution when it comes to carbing up for training. For recovery I use the USN’s Protein, Seed & Nut Bar along with Whey Protein during the end of the gym session and just after I get of the bike.

In terms of supplements I keep it simple, I use USN multi vit, Glutamine powder and EFA Triple Omega fish oils, which will all aid with my recovery and health maintenance during the season.

Having just arrived in Greenville South Carolina for the 2014 World championships I am confident that I am will put in a good performance and get the results I deserve, over the next week I will taper for my event and 3 days out I begin my carb loading for both the Time trail and the Road race. This is always an anxious time as I review my years training but I am confident that I have done enough to gain important qualifying points for the 2016 Rio Paralympic games.



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